J M W Turner

Chateau of Amboise ~ Fishing by Bridge, JMW Turner Confluence of the Seine and the Marne ~ Into the Sunset Saint Denis ~ Moonlight Silhouettes Chateau Hamelin ~ What Now?
Havre ~ Crowded Harbor Scene Boulevards, Paris ~ Watching the World Go By View on the Seine ~ Road Party Lillebonne, Chateau ~ Harvest

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Complete JMWT French Rivers 61 Engravings and Proo

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Complete JMWT French Rivers 61 Engravings and Proofs
Replication of the exhibits shown in Genius Unfolding - The Annotated Proofs of J.M.W. Turner, showcasing Turner's internationally celebrated series The Rivers of France. This exhibition was held in the Selby Gallery of one of the world's leading art schools, the Ringling College of Art + Design, in Sarasota Florida from February 23rd to March 28th, 2012.